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learn how to use wool dryer balls to begin a healthier lifestyle. in our household we avoid using chemical-based dryer sheets and fabric softener, especially when there is a healthy, easy-to- use, and cost-effective alternative.

How do wool dryer balls work

Wool dryer balls will become your new laundry helper! Normally fabrics stick together slowing down the drying cycle. Wool dry balls work by separating your laundry, allowing the heat to flow and circulate more evenly and efficiently, thereby reducing dryer time, wrinkles and static cling. This means saving time and energy.

How to use wool dryer balls

You can simply toss three to six wool dryer balls in the laundry and start the drying cycle, however, there is an even more effective method I am going to share with you…

how many wool dryer balls do i need?

Wool dryer balls help separate clothes, so the larger the load the more dryer balls are needed. For a smaller load three is common and for a larger load six will be more effective.

free himalayan sea salt bag!!

While wool dryer balls are effective at combating static cling, however sometimes the fabrics you are drying can cause additional static cling. Synthetic materials like spandex, nylon, fleece, microfiber, and polyester tend to be culprits of static cling retention. At solberi we offer an effective way, alongside your wool dryer balls, to reduce static cling – Himalayan sea salt. You can add a small cloth bag of Himalayan sea salt to your dryer load.  At solberi, we offer a free cloth bag of Himalayan sea salt with every dryer ball purchase – check it out.

How to scent your clothes naturally

to scent your clothes naturally pure essential oils can be used, such as solberi laundry blends. For a fresh scent try fresh breeze laundry blend, and for a sweet scent try spring essence laundry blend. Add a few drops of solberi pure essential oil to each wool dryer ball to add a fresh scent to your laundry without the harsh chemicals. Let the essential oil soak on the wool dryer balls for 10-20 minutes before you use them if time permits. The more time the oils have to absorb in to the wool dryer balls before you throw them in the dryer, the more slowly they will be released in the dryer, and in this case slower is better.

Dryer Settings

one last step to consider. before turning on the dryer look over the drying settings; a lower heat setting will help keep the fresh scent stronger and reduce static cling. now it is up to the wool dryer balls to do their work. watch over your dryer load and see the remarkable difference wool dryer balls can have on your laundry game.

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